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Free, Printable Mini Educational Charts A variety of fill in the blank charts such as clocks, digestive system, presidents, weather, and more. These are from Tipz Time

Label Me Printouts

Kids Page Archive Printable Worksheets Worksheets are listed by grade level and have a description for each page

Worksheets from Tutorial World A variety of worksheets here for English, math or science

Miscellaneous Worksheets A nice variety of worksheets here on a variety of subjects

Sample Lessons from Zaner-Bloser Free printable activities for the classroom for reading, handwriting, study skills, and more

Activity Sheets Activity sheets for a variety of subjects from Sunshine Multimedia

A Variety of Worksheets at Family Education (Requires registration)

Calendars to Print Calendars with themes such as animals, nursery rhymes, solar system, or decorate your own

RHL School A collection of supplemental worksheets you can print for Math, English, Reading comprehension, and Reference skills

School Express Sign up for their newsletter to receive free activity pages every week

Worksheets from Teacher TimesaverYou will find worksheets on the states and capitals, continents and oceans, and more

Free Math and Reading Worksheets from Creative Teaching Press

Also check under individual subjects in Lessons for printable worksheets

Online and Printable Flashcards


Printable Books of the Bible Flashcards Colorful flashcards with names of Old Testament and New Testament Books

Bible Verse Flashcards These are from KidPrintables


Music Flashcards

Online Music Flashcards


Printable Alphabet Flash CardsThese beautiful flash cards are from Jan Brett

Short Vowel Posters Print out these short vowel posters with or without the breve

Dolch Flashcards Print Dolch flashcards for kindergarten - third grade

Dicey Dolch Words Use your Dolch flashcards (or other flashcards) in this game

Animal Alphabet Flashcards Alphabet flashcards with an animal photo beginning with each letter


Math Flashcards Java and non-java flashcards and a flashcard creator for making flashcards

Printable Addition Flashcards These are from Jan Brett

Printable Subtraction Flashcards These are from Jan Brett

Printable Multiplication Flashcards These are from Jan Brett

Printable Division Flashcards These are from Jan Brett

Social Studies

States and Capitals Drill by looking at states or capitals (online)

History Games and Activities History flashcards from Quia on many areas of history and geography

Foreign and Ancient Languages

Basic Spanish Vocabulary Practice Spanish vocabulary with flashcards, matching, or concentration

Spanish Vocabulary Builder (with audio) Vocabulary practice in many categories

Learn French Placement test, lessons, and exercises

Latin Games and Activities Interactive online games to learn and review latin


Bug-GoThe insect line drawings from this game can be used as flashcards to learn insect identity

Butterfly Flashcards Learn the names of several butterflies or make a memory game


Flashcard Exchange Hundreds of flashcards here to print and use in various subjects and levels Flashcards Make online flashcards for your students (such as weekly spelling words)