Teacher Timesavers

Templates and Forms

Useful Templates
A variety of useful templates and forms from mrsperkins.com.

Child's Emergency Contact and Medical Information Form
You nee Word to open this template.

Interactive Lesson Planner
Add your own plans to the template and print. This is from Jan Brett.

Student Homework Assignments
Help students keep track of assignments.
From educationworld.com.

Custom Chore Chart
Keep track of classroom chores each week.
This is from dltk-cards.com.

Weekly Class Attendance Form
This form requires Excel and is from templates.office.com.

Classroom News Templates
This is for elementary or preschool and
is from preschoolprintables.com.

Graphic Organizers

KWL Chart
From readwritethink.org

Make a Venn Diagram With Lines
From eduplace.com

Venn Diagram (no lines)
From teacherhelp.org.

SQ3R Worksheet
From www.readingeducator.com.

All Kinds of Graphic Organizers
From eduplace.com.

Rubrics and Checklists

Student Writing Rubrics (grades 2-5)
From eduplace.com.

Rubric for Student Reports
This rubric is for animal reports, but it
can be used for other reports by changing
the research section. This is from enchantedlearning.com.

Miscellaneous Teacher Timesavers

Multiple Choice Test Templates from Microsoft
A variety of templates here using different microsoft products.

Other Test Templates from Microsoft

Create online learning activities, crosswords, and quizzes and make them available to students online. This requires registration, but is free.

Weekly Reading Chart
This is from chartjungle.com.

Monthly Reading chart
This is from chartjungle.com.

Classroom or School Newsletter
This is from templates.office.com

Parent Conference Letter and Record
This is from templates.office.com.

Class Rules Slideshow
From templates.office.com

Open House Slideshow
Several slides for welcome, curriculum goals, classroom activities, rules, policies, and volunteer opportunities. From templates.office.com.

Classroom Templates
A variety of templates for classroom teachers.

Personal Education Press
This is a great timesaver. You can make printable flashcards, bingo boards, word lists, quizzes, and more. This is from educationpress.org.

Button Magnets
Make your own button magnets.

9 Ways to Prepare a Substitue for Your Tough Class
A good article on how to prepare any class.

Teacher's Printables
A large list from educationoasis.com.

Free Volunteer Posters
Recognize the efforts of volunteers.