Best Online Grader: Easy And Quick Grade Calculator For Teachers

An online grader (also known as ez grader or easy grader) is a tool that helps to calculate grades based on a grading scale. It simplifies the process of evaluating student performance by automating the calculation of scores and providing a grading chart. It eliminates the need for manual calculations and reduces the chances of errors.

Best online graders

Grade Calculator by

This online app allows users to calculate grades based on a customizable grading scale. Users can input the number of points possible and the points earned for each assignment or exam. The calculator then calculates the overall grade and corresponding letter grade based on the input.


GradeHere is a very simple and easy online grading app that just works.

Easy Grader by RapidTables

Easy Grader by RapidTables is a user-friendly online grade calculator. It supports both weighted and unweighted grading systems. Users can enter the total number of questions, the number of wrong answers, and the total number of points possible. The calculator calculates the overall grade percentage and displays the corresponding letter grade.

GPA Calculator by CollegeSimply

The GPA Calculator by CollegeSimply is specifically designed for calculating Grade Point Averages (GPAs). It allows users to input their course names, credit hours, and letter grades. The calculator then calculates the GPA based on the entered information and displays the cumulative GPA.


Schooltraq is an online academic planner that also includes a grade calculator. Users can input their courses, assignments, and grades. The calculator calculates the overall grade and displays it within the planner interface, allowing users to track their progress.

Online Test Score Calculator by Good Calculators

Good Calculators offers an online test score calculator that allows users to calculate scores for multiple-choice exams. Users can input the total number of questions, the number of correct answers, and the scoring system (e.g., +1 for correct, -0.25 for wrong). The calculator calculates the raw score, percentage, and displays the result.

How to calculate grades?

Using an easy grader site, you can submit the total number of questions on an exam, test, or quiz, along with the total wrong answers provided by a student. The online grader then processes this information and generates the corresponding grade and percentages. This efficient and reliable tool saves time and ensures accurate grade calculations.

Furthermore, an easy grader online may also allow to download the grading chart for a specified number of total questions. It provides a comprehensive overview of the percentage values assigned to each grade level, enabling teachers to determine the appropriate grade for a given set of test scores. This feature allows to maintain consistency and fairness in their grading process.

Students can also benefit from using an online grader, as it provides them with an opportunity to assess their performance. By inputting their answers and receiving the total number of wrong answers, they can calculate the percentage of correct responses. This helps to gauge their understanding of the material and determine areas for improvement before the next test, exam, or quiz.

Online graders serve as a valuable tool for both teachers and students. They simplify the grading process, provide accurate grade calculations, offer grading scales or charts, and allow for self-assessment. Many of these tools are available for free on dedicated websites, making them easily accessible and free for all users.