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Bag Puppets

Animal Bag Puppets
Owl Puppet Owl Puppet  
I don't have a pattern for this puppet but it is easily made with construction paper triangles and circles for the face, an oval for the belly, feet and leaves. You can use real or construction paper leaves.

Printable Owl Puppet
All parts of this puppet are printable. This is from alexbrands.com.

Owl and Turtle Puppets
These cute puppets are from Origami n' Stuff for Kids. Scroll down on the page.

Make a Cow Puppet
This is from dltk-kids.com

Bear Puppet
From dltk-kids.com

Spring Animal Puppets
These cute puppets are from Catherine Romano. Use colored bags for bright colored puppets.

Polar Bear Puppet
Make a Polar Bear Puppet and learn more about polar bears at Polar Bears.

Animal Puppets
Make an elephant, cat, monkey, or bunny puppet from sunniebunniezz.com.

Animal Bag Puppets
A cow, pig, panda, and owl puppets are offered free from abcteach.com. Other puppets require membership.

Animal Puppets
Make a raccoon, dog, cat, rabbit, mouse, pig, panda, or frog, from zoomwhales.com.

Animal Puppets
Over thirty animal puppets from dltk-kids.com.

Dog Puppet
This cute dog puppet is from freekidscrafts.com. Click on the pattern to print.

Bird Bag Puppet
This easy bird puppet is from pacon.com.

Beaver Bag Puppet
This cute puppet is from freekidscrafts.com.

Moose Puppet
From freekidscrafts.com.

Butterfly Puppet
This idea is from crayola.com. There is no pattern, but it is easy to make if students follow the directions.

Lamb Bag Puppet
This is from freekidscrafts.com.

Other Bag Puppets

Scarecrow Puppet
Children can color the scarecrow. İAudrey Smith

Heart Puppet   İAudrey Smith
Directions for heart puppet.

Snowman Puppet
This puppet is from Pacon and could be used to help teach shapes, as it is made from circles, squares, and rectangles.

Scraps Paper Bag Puppets
Imagination is the key here as the puppets are made from recycled materials such as paper, beads, feathers, ribbon, yarn, and anything else you can find.

Fun way to teach children the 10 Commandments

Sock Puppets

Giraffe Sock Puppet
From craftyjr.com

Other Sock Puppet Ideas
A variety of sock puppets from daniellesplace.com.

How To Make a Sock Puppet
Instructions on how to make a sock puppet from sockholme.com

Hand Puppets

How To Make Hand Puppets
A simple way to make hand puppets from krototak.com.

Folded Card Frog Hand Puppet
This is from netmums.com

Pattern for a Simple Hand Puppet
This is from eduplace.com.

Bunny and Chick Simple Hand Puppets
These are from funroom.com.

Ladybug, Dragonfly, or Bumblebee Hand Puppets
These cute puppet patterns are made of fun foam and are from joann.com.

Stick Puppets

Leaf Stick Craft
These would make cute puppets to make when talking about fall leaves. These are from freekidscrafts.com.

Butterfly Stick Puppet
This cute idea is from montessoribyhand.blogspot.com.

Easy Stick Puppets
All you need are some sticks and pictures of people. They can cut pictures from magazines or comics. I think if I were doing this with kids I would find a large number of clipart pictures and paste them on sheets and let the kids choose and cut out the ones they want. This is from www.netmums.com.

Finger Puppets

Butterfly Finger Puppets
This idea is from Crayola. You could use a butterfly pattern instead of drawing freehand.

Finger Puppets from Enchanted Learning
This is a different type of finger puppet using holes for the fingers.

Elephant Finger Puppet
From Crayola.

Washing Up Finger Puppets
These puppets are made from rubber gloves used for cleaning. This idea is from www.netmums.com.

Shadow Puppets

Make Shadow Puppets
Download this book to learn how to make shadow puppets on a screen or wall.

Other Puppets or Sites With Different Types of Puppets to Make

Spoon Puppets
An easy way to make wild and wacky spoon critters. This is from craftsforkids.com.

Puppets How To Kit
A 37 page book with directions for making different kinds of puppets. There are also story suggestions for using the puppets as well as information on using the puppets at school and at home.

Puppets and Marionettes
A variety of puppets to make at enchantedlearning.com.

Puppet Scripts

Puppet Stages

Other Puppet Resources

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