Puzzles and Games

Bible Puzzles and Games

Bible Games Central
A great collection of Bible games for kids, youth, and adults. There are also games for evangelism and missions.

The Greatest Events in History
Fill in the blanks. This is from
Kid Explorers.

In the Beginning Word Search
48 words from Kid Explorers.

The I Am Sayings of Jesus
A crossword puzzle from Kid Explorers.

The Events of Genesis
A crossword puzzle from Kid Explorers.

Make Your Own Game Boards
Templates for Bible game boards and ideas
from mssscrafts.com.

Bible Game Boards
Colorful game boards to print from sundayschoolresources.com. Review questions are available to go with the games, or make
your own.

Ten Commandments Bible Games
Several fun activities to help students learn
the ten commandments
from sundayschoolnetwork.com.

More Free Bible Games
Several other types of games from sundayschoolnetwork.com.

Action Packed Christian Games
A huge number of games from kidssundayschool.com. Use these games to support your lessons and help teach the
Word of God.

Noah's Ark Online Matching Game
A 40 second matching game from milescooley.com

Indoor and Outdoor Games

Games from Gospel Kids
Forty Four games for indoors and outside.

Game Ideas for Group Gatherings
Scroll down for different kinds of games.
This is from youthwork-practice.com.

Children's Games
Many different kinds of games from creativekidsathome.com.

Field Day or End of the Day Games
From educationworld.com.

Making Beanbags
Easy instructions for making beanbags.