Paper Crafts

Paper Animal Crafts

Cackling Hen
Make a Cackling Hen
This is a cute craft if your class is studying the farm. The HEN PATTERN is here

Cottonball Sheep Craft
A cute, simple sheep craft from

Make a Paper Bird in a Cage
A bird in a cage from

Balancing Bird Craft
A craft that demonstrates the center of gravity. This is from

Paper Fish Craft
A simple fish craft. There are several ideas for decorating. This is from

Snake Dangler
A clever way to make a wiggly snake. This is from

Dinosaurs to print, cut, and fold from

Animal Masks
Eight animal masks to print at this site. This is from

Other Paper Crafts

Make a Fan
Print two of these shapes on cardstock. Glue a large craft stick on one and then glue the second shape over the craft stick. Children can decorate  with markers or crayons or glue objects on it.
I Love My Family
A cute easy paper craft with family emphasis from

Paper Puppets
A variety of puppets to make can be found on this page.

Paper Craft from Canon
A variety of paper crafts from Canon.

Make a Red Barn
If you are studying the farm or just need a red barn, this is an easy one to print and put together. A standing cow pattern is just below it. This is from and requests a donation. Some farm animals can be found HERE but would need to be made smaller to go with the barn.

Make a Town
Make a complete town from card stock. This is from

File-Folder Village
A simple house and tree pattern from I would enlarge the pattern and use card stock instead of file-folders.
I Love to Read a Book
Great for kids to show a favorite book. This is from

Card and Box Templates

A variety of templates here that could be used for different crafts. This is from

Paper Plate Crafts

Lion Fan
Print the LION FACE and VERSE. Directions for making the fan are HERE

Sun Fan
Print the SUN FACE (on yellow card stock or have children color it). Print the verse Psalm 84:11  KJV   NIV on white card stock. Use the same Directions as the Lion Fan above.

Paper Plate Sun Visors

An easy and creative way to make sun visors from paper plates. This is from

Make a Hedgehog
This cute hedgehog is made by folding a paper plate, cutting a piece out, and then fringing around the edge. The site is not in English, but the pictures are clear on what to do.

Paper Plate Owl
This craft uses three paper plates (you could use the small ones) and is from

Paper Plate Wind Twirler or Snake.
An easy way to make a wind twirler or snake. This is from

Make a Tambourine
Make a tambourine from a heavy foam or paper plate. Download the verse pattern or the Christmas verse pattern(NIV)      KJV.

Things That Fly and Wind Toys

Make Your Own PinWheel

Make your own pinwheel by following these directions on

Kites as an Educational Tool
Some information for teachers about kites.

Make a Sugar Glider Kite
Learn about Sugar Gliders and make a Sugar Glider Kite.

 X1 Paper Glider Kit from NASA
This glider pattern from NASA has several experiments to do with your glider.

A Super Glider
A super glider pattern from Canon Creative Park.

Make Your Own Twirly Bug
Make this cute twirly bug from Crayola.

Make a Roto-Copter
This paper toy spins through the air like a mini-helicopter.

Make a Hovercraft
This homemade hovercraft can be played with over and over again.

Make a Windsock
An easy to make windsock from Crayola. I would use card stock instead of construction paper because it is more durable. A lion pattern can be found above with the lion fan in the paper plate crafts above.

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