More Crafts for Children

Clay Pot Crafts

*Note - If you need to lower the cost of any of these crafts you could use foam or paper cups. They will not be as durable as using clay pots but will still be a decorative craft.

Terra Cotta Turtle
Turn a clay pot into a cute turtle.
this is from

Turtle Critter
This cute turtle is made from a clay pot saucer and green fun foam. Be sure to use tacky glue. This is from

Clay Pot Snowmen
These snowmen are adorable and easy to make. We made these using foam cups, and used the sock material for the hat and the scarf. This is from

Foam Crafts

*Note - Some of the crafts below could be made with card stock but will not be as durable. I have found that tacky glue or a special foam glue works best with foam projects.

Placemat, Ladybug, Bumble Bee, or Dragonfly Projects
These cute puppet projects are from Patterns are included,

Make a Foam Pencil Case
Make a foam pencil case.Pencil Case Pattern

Foam Fish
A brightly colored foam fish to remind kids of Jesus. This is from

Bee Door Hanger Craft
A cute bee door hanger for kids to make. You could use small pieces of pipe cleaners instead of wire to attach parts. This is from

Make a Visor
An easy to make visor. Instructions are HERE.This is from

Snowman Picture Frame
To save money, use your pattern made from card stock as the back of the frame. I would also space the punched holes a little further apart. From

A Sea Turtle
This cute sea turtle is made from a clay pot saucer and fun foam. This is from

Turkey Door Hanger
A cute turkey door hanger from

Book Worm Bookmark
This is from

Don't Bug Me Door Hanger
A cute door hanger from

Bug Patterns
These patterns will need to be enlarged, but will give some ideas on making bugs out of foam. They would make cute refrigerator magnets. These are from

Seed Crafts

* Put the dried beans, peas, corn, or rice in small containers. Use tacky glue to glue the beans to cardboard or canvas. We covered the finished projects with mod-podge.

Seed Mosaic
More seed mosaic ideas here. This is from

Colorful Sock Bean Bags
This is a fun project for kids. We made fish bean bags in VBS with the younger children. We used rice instead of beans and prepared the rice in plastic bags taped with duck tape before inserting in the sock. The children put eyes and mouth on the fish and decorated them.

For the Birds
A great way to make different shape bird feeders.

Pumpkin Seed Craft
A seed craft for younger kids.

Miscellaneous Crafts

Make a Solar Jar Light
This is an easy way to make a frosted solar light.

Foam and Paper Pinwheel
A craft project from

A large number of interesting and unusual craft activities for children.