Miscellaneous Bulletin Boards and Classroom Decoration

Monthly Bulletin Board Ideas
Monthly bulletin board ideas from theteacherscorner.net.

Ten Best Door Decorating Ideas for School
Some great ideas for decorating your classroom door.

Alphabet Lines
These beautiful alphabet lines are from janbrett.com. Choose traditional manuscript, cursive, or modern manuscript.

Phonogram Posters
These phonogram posters have many words listed with the phonograms in them. These are from janbrett.com also.

Make Your Own School Year Calendars
Make your choices and print.

Bookworm Template
This cute bookworm pattern from DLTK-kids.com could be used for a variety of purposes.
Number the school days, print the alphabet
on it, etc.

Make A Counting Caterpillar (Instructions)
Print and cut out circles.Large CirclesSmall Circles

National Geographic Educational Resources
Some great photos here. Use the search to
see photos about a particular subject, then
click on photo and download.

Apple Clock
Help your students learn to tell time by putting these apples around the clock.

Helping Hands Job Chart (with jobs)
This is a 22 X 17 chart on four sheets.Name Plates are here. A chartwithout jobs is here.If you have more than six jobs just print pages 3 and
4 again. Assembling Directions

The Pledge of Allegiance Poster

The Pledge to the Christian Flag Poster

Also check theBack to Schoolpage and
Teacher Timesavers
for more classroom decorations.

Murals and Hall Displays

The Umbrella Coloring Mural
Everything you need to transform your classroom into a rainforest. These printable rainforest pictures are from Jan Brett. These pictures can
be enlarged using an overhead projector or a publishing program.

On Noah's Ark Mural
These pictures are from Jan Brett and will
make a great mural.

African Safari Mural
Another coloring mural from Jan Brett.

Arctic Mural from Jan Brett
Polar Bears, Seals, and more.

Ode to 5th Grade
This clever idea could be used for
other grades.

Word Walls

Make a Word Wall
This is from abcteach.com.

Create Word Walls or Flashcards
Type in a list of words and print.
This is from schoolexpress.com.

Word Wall Resources
These are from educationworld.com.

Contraction Posters
From instantdisplay.co.uk.

Bulletin Board Borders

My Printable Borders

Back to School Border


Book and Pencil

Fall Leaves


Leaf Border


Outer Space



Scalloped Border TemplateLarge Template

Calendars and Calendar Resources

Printable CalendarsFrom calendarlabs.com.

Calendar MonthsFrom Jan Brett

Plain Calendar Numbers To Use on Any Calendar
1 - 12 13 - 24 25 - 31

Days of the Week Poster

There Are Seven Days Song Poster (one sheet) (four sheets)

Printable Months

The Months Song Poster (one sheet)
(four sheets)