Holidays and Special Days in February - April


Black History Month

Black History Month
View links from Martin Luther King Jr. and Black History Month

Presidents' Day

US Presidents to Color

Color the Lincoln Memorial and Other Presidents
From Primary

Presidents' Day Activities
From Enchanted Learning.

Presidents' Day Word Search

A Brief Biography of Lincoln

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day Resources
You will find plays, crafts, coloring, puzzles and games, and cards.

Bulletin Boards and Room Decoration

March and April


My Easter Page
Find coloring, crafts, bulletin boards and more here.


Spring Banner from Daniel 2:21a ...He changeth the times and the seasons... with flowers and a bird on it.
Three pagesNIV KJV Four PagesNIVKJV
Add spring pictures.

Fluttering into Spring Banner
Have children color large butterflies with markers for a colorful bulletin board. Print butterflies fromTop Free Printable Butterfly Coloring Pages.

We are Growing Banner
Use this banner with large flowers with each child's photo in the center. Some flowers that could be enlarged and colored.

Blossom Tree Painting
A simple art project for spring.

Ladybug, Dragonfly, or Bumblebee Puppets
These cute puppet patterns are from

Caterpillar Craft
A simple craft for young children. This is from

Paper Napkin Butterfly
Make pretty unique butterflies using tissues, markers or watercolors, and clothespins.

Blue Morpho Butterfly Stained Glass Pattern
This makes a nice coloring picture.

Don't Bug Me Door Hanger Craft

Earth Day

Earth Day Banner
Four sheets from

Earth Day Reading Comprehension

Nico's Quest to Recycle: A Kid's Guide to Recycling
An online activity for kids. All pages can be downloaded and printed at the end. A great resource for teachers.

Recycle Online Game from National Geographic

Recycling Games
Teaches the importance of recycling.

Recycling Starts with You Lessons
Teaches the importance of recycling paper (Grades 3-6) From