Holidays and Special Days in August - September

August and September

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Labor Day

Labor Day Crafts
These are from

Why Do We Celebrate Labor Day?
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Labor Day Kids Crossword

Labor Day Kids Word Search

Labor Day Printables
Printable worksheets, coloring, and crafts from

Grandparent's Day

Happy Grandparent's Day Banner
Three pages - from

Grandparents are Grand Banner
Four pages - from

This is a Picture of Me Poster
This poster has a place for the student
to draw a self-portrait to give to
a grandparent.

Grandparent's Day Activities
A variety of crafts and activities from

Grandparent's Day Printable Book
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A Grandparent's Day Crossword Puzzle
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Grandparent's Day Worksheets
From abcteach,com

Grandparent's Day Printables

Ideas For Celebrating Grandparent's Day
Suggestions for celebrating grandparents in your classroom from

Patriot Day

History of Patriot Day
Why and when we celebrate Patriot Day.

Patriot Day Coloring Picture
A picture of the Statue of Liberty with
Patriot Day on it.

Ideas for Patriot Day Classroom Activities

Hispanic Heritage Month

September 15 - October 15

Hispanic Heritage Month Banner
A colorful three page banner from

Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month Poster
Choose a small poster (one sheet) or alarge poster (four sheets)

Lessons for Hispanic Heritage Month

Hispanic Heritage Resources for Teachers
A Large collection of resources from Scholastic.

Free Hispanic Heritage Month Activities and Printables for Kids
A large collection of links from

Print Large or Small Maps of South America

How To Make a Piñata
This page from
gives instructions for making a piñata.
If doing papier mache I would suggest using
half white glue and half water with the
paper strips as it dries to a nice
hard finish much faster than flour and water.
Just be sure to cover the working surface
with a plastic tablecloth, or my favorite -
wax paper.

Words We Borrowed from Spanish Banner
Use this banner and the following words and pictures for a bulletin board.Words1Words2Words3
Pictures1 Pictures2Pictures3

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