Easter Crafts

Hand print Spring Lilies
Turn a hand print into a lily. A cute idea from onelittleproject.com.

Cupcake Liner Flowers
This is also from onelittleproject.com.
Make a Palm Leaf (pattern)
Cut out the palm leaf and fringe the edges. Add the words Hosanna to the King of Kings (ten to a page) .
Hosanna in Spanish (11 to a page).

Palm Leaf Fold and Cut Craft
A palm leaf pattern from dltk-bible.com.

Another Palm Leaf
This palm leaf from sundayschoolkids.com can be printed in color or black and white.

Crown patternPrint crowns on yellow card stock. Cut and tape parts together. Print and cut out "Hosanna to the King of Kings" to glue on crowns. Spanish "¡Hosanna!" is here. Adjust crown to child's head and tape closed.

Easy Crowns Easy Crowns - Use those left over small pieces of bulletin board borders to make crowns. Tape to fit each child's head and then glue on "Hosanna" from Crown Pattern above.

Easter CrosscardEaster Crosscard (NIV File1)      File2        File3       File4  
For King James Version use these files - KJV1   KJV2    KJV3    KJV4  This card opens to a cross with John 3:16 on it. Instructions for making the card are HERE (part1) and (part2) This card is also available in español also front in español, and portguês  part1     part2     part3     part4  ©Audrey Smith

Crossbox Easter Crossbox (NIV)       KJV
Use as a children's sermon or craft about God's free gift. The box opens to a cross shape. Cut out the box. With verse side up, fold all sides and edges up. Tape sides lightly and put a bow on top. This craft is also available in español and portguês.Open the box by cutting the tape carefully to reveal the cross. ©Audrey Smith

Resurrection Miracle Butterfly
A kindergarten - grade 3 Easter Sunday activity. This is from Faith Kids Sunday School.

Easter banner Jesus Lives Wall Picture
Children can make this banner by printing on card stock and adding a craft stick to the top and bottom. Attach a piece of yarn or string to the top to hang on a wall.

Christ is Risen Greeting Card
A quarterfold greeting card to print.

He is Risen Placemat (one page)
Two page placemat.  Left side    Right side

Make a Flower Crown
A cute craft for preschool or lower elementary from enchanted learning.com

Jesus is Alive Easter Cross
An easy way to make a pretty picture with a cross using painters tape and watercolors. This is from applesandabcs.com. You could probably also use watercolor markers on this.

Life of Jesus Cross
A cross craft with pictures of the life of Jesus to glue on it. This is from www.prekinders.com. An easy craft for young children. The pattern and pictures can be printed.

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