Christmas Crafts

Advent Crafts

crosscard front Christmas Crosscard NIV File1 File2 File3File4
This card opens to a cross with John 3:16 on it. Instructions for gluing and folding areHERE.
For a King James version of the card, use these links: File1 File2 File3 File4
For a spanish version CLICK HERE.

Make a Christmas Countdown Chain.
Picture and Numbered StarsMore Stars
Print and cut out the picture and stars. Cut 24 strips of colored paper for chain. Loop one paper through the bottom of the picture. Connect 23 more loops for the chain. Glue or tape the stars to the chain with number one at the top. Put a ribbon or loop of yarn at the top of the picture to hang it. Children will remove one chain loop every day during advent.

Nativity Crafts

Nativity Feltboard Figures from DLTKPrint and cut out nativity figures. Make a nativity scene or picture with these cut outs. Print in black and white or color.

Nativity Play Set from
Print and cut out these figures and use for a nativity scene or picture.

Nativity Bookmarks(NIV)KJV Spanish
Bookmarks with John 3:17 and a nativity picture on them..

Nativity Bookmarks(NIV) KJVSpanish
Bookmarks with a nativity scene and John 1:14 on them,

Free Nativity ClipartCute cartoon style clipart to use in your projects. Print in color or black and white. Be sure to read the directions for use. This is from

Ornaments, Angels and Other Christmas Decorations

Angel Ornaments

A Paper Plate AngelA cute paper plate angel. Use on top of the Christmas tree or as a table decoration.

Coffee Filter AngelAnother way to make an angel using three coffee filters. You can hang this one on the tree.

Angel Template(in color) from Just print, cut and glue or tape this angel.

Miscellaneous Ornaments

Tetrahedron Shaped OrnamentJust print, cut fold, and glue this ornament. Tape or glue yarn loop to inside before gluing.

Cinnamon OrnamentsThese ornaments keep their wonderful cinnamon scent for several years. We decorated these with small squeeze bottles of snow paint. It takes a large amount of cinnamon for a classroom supply. These can be air dried or put in a 200 degree oven for 20 minutes.

Christmas Cone Ornament from Jan Brett

Other Christmas and Winter Crafts

Make a Christmas Tambourine
Glue this verse on a small paper or foam plate. Cut chenille sicks into 3 or 4 pieces. Punch holes on rim of plate. Put a bell or a couple of washers on each chenille stick and thread through the holes. Twist each one.

Make a Perfect Five Pointed StarThis is from

Make a Paper Evergreen TreeMake a three dimensional tree
from cardstock or construction paper. This is from

Learn to Sew Gingerbread ManA great project for teaching children to sew.

Clay Pot Winter FriendsWe made a variation of these using 3 inch pots, strofoam balls for the heads, and old socks for the scarf and hat. You could also use styrofoam cups for a less durable and less expensive decoration.

Sock Snow PeopleAnother way to craft snowmen from socks, rice, and a few decorations. This is from

Bottle Belly SnowmanA fun, kids winter craft.

Make a VillageMake a winter snow scene with houses, church, and more. This is from You could add snow and pine trees to your scene.

Photo Christmas Frames from Jan Brett
Merry Christmas to a Great Teacher Card

Merry Christmas Card To ____ From_____

Bags, Boxes, Cards, and Gift TagsJust click on the projects below the pictures. There are templates or specific projects to do.

Christmas Bags Print these bags and use for candy or small gifts.