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Check out Fall for more crafts and coloring


Thanksgiving Crafts are below

Thanksgiving Coloring    

*Suggestion for coloring verses - use colored pencils on the verse part

Psalm 107:1 Poster to Color (KJV)

Psalm 107:1 Poster to Color (NIV)

Psalm 100:4 (KJV) Color the cornucopia and learn the verse

Psalm 100:4 (NIV) Color the cornucopia and learn the verse

1 Thessalonians 5:18 In everything give thanks...KJV

First Fruits Coloring - Exodus 25:16 This is from

Color  a Cornucopia  This page has the word cornucopia below the picture. Color in the letters also

 Color a Cornucopia

The Mayflower and More from Scholastic printables

A Pilgrim Family to Color from

Thanksgiving Coloring Pages from

Color a Turkey This is from a to z teacher stuff

Color a Turkey An easy to color turkey from

A Turkey to Color, Cut, and Paste Color the parts of a turkey, cut them, out and paste them on another sheet. This is good coloring and cutting practice for young children. I made it into a pdf file so it would be easier to print This is from

A Worried Turkey

Color a Turkey from

Turkey Glyphs Students color turkeys according to specific instructions. A great following directions activity and the finished turkeys make an interesting board.(Put a key for the meaning of the colors) Scroll down and click on the printable turkey

Color Me Thankful Coloring pictures for young children about things for which we are thankful. Choose pictures with or without a Bible verse. These are from

Thanksgiving Placemat (two 8.5X11 sheets black and white) Print, overlap .5 -1.5 inches and glue together. Color to finish   Left side
Right side from



Give Thanks Placemat Trim the left edge of the 2nd sheet.  Then line up the pages and glue together. Trim the right side of the second sheet and color


A Happy Thanksgiving Placemat to Color from Jan Brett

Thanksgiving Coloring Pages There are 16 coloring pages here. They are from Activity Village

Thanksgiving Coloring Turkeys and pilgrims to color from

Turkeys and Pilgrims to color from DLTK

Native American Coloring Pages

The Indian Years Coloring Book (Texas) This has some great Indian pictures

November Coloring Calendar Children fill in dates and color picture of children helping with a food drive

Thanksgiving Coloring and Activities from Crayola

More Fall Coloring


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Thanksgiving Crafts   [thanksgiving-0014.gif]


Thank You God for Everything Placemat (pdf) (in color 8.5X11) This could be glued to a large piece of construction paper. The edges of the construction paper could be fringed or scalloped with scissors


Thanksgiving Placemat (two 8.5X11 sheets black and white) Print, overlap .5 -1.5 inches and glue together   Left side    Right side
This is from



Give Thanks Placemat Trim one left edge of second sheet.  Line up and glue together. Trim right side of second sheet and color. This is from


Thank You God Placemat Students write their own poem or prayer and color this placemat, or you can type in a poem or verse before printing. This is from

Thanksgiving Placemat Craft Children will write on leaf patterns what they are thankful for. This is from

A Thanksgiving Placemat to Color from Jan Brett


Native Americans Crafts

Make a Corn Husk Doll

Native American Friends or Pilgrim Friends from  Clothing for Native American friends. These are in color or are available in black and white

Make an Indian headband, drum, and vest from

Make a Pinch Pot from

Native American Symbols and Designs Use some of these symbols on your Native American crafts

Indian Headband Craft Click the next arrow for instructions


Turkey Crafts

T is for Turkey Art Project  (Scroll down) This is a cute art project for young children learning letters and sounds and is from

Clay Pot Turkey Designed by Andrea Fomaro and is from

Origami Turkey This is for older students and is from

Printable Turkey Craft An easy craft for young children in black and white (in color here) from

Thanksgiving Chain - First, print a turkey pattern on brown or orange paper (use one of the patterns above).  Decorate the turkey as you wish.(color, add feathers, leaves, etc.) Cut a slit in the bottom of the turkey. Print as many chain links as you need.(there are 17 to a page and these could be printed on colored paper.) Every day in November have children write something for which they are thankful on a link and attach it to the chain. This idea is from

A Turkey Hat Click the next arrow for instructions

Another Cute Turkey Hat This one is from Making Friends

Hand and Foot Turkey Make a great looking turkey. This is from

Leaf Crafts

Leaf Template  Print this leaf template on colorful paper or have the children color them. Use with other Thanksgiving crafts. This is from

A Colorful Leaf Craft There are no patterns shown here, but these look easy enough to copy. This is from

Thankful Wreath of Leaves A pretty Thanksgiving decoration from

Tree of Thankfulness Children will write what they are thankful for on a leaf to put on the tree. This is from

Fall Hat This is an easy craft idea (If you can get the paper bags). If I did this with kids, I would not paint the bag but would leave it the natural color. If you don't have fall leaves, print out leaf patterns and have the children paint or color them.  Use this  Leaf Pattern or the leaf template above


Pilgrim Crafts

Pilgrim bag puppets are here from

A Paper Pilgrim Bonnet from

Boys Pilgrim Hat

A Boys' Pilgrim Hat from

Boys' Hat Template from Martha Stewart

Paper Plate Pilgrim Craft from

Stand Up Thanksgiving Pilgrim and Indian from

Pilgrim Friends Clothing for friends. Get the dolls here. These are in color or are available in black and white and are from

Pilgrim and Indian Paper/Brad Puppets

Printable Thanksgiving Jigsaw Puzzles These have to be cut out by an adult. These are from


Pilgrim Bag Puppets Choose an already colored Girl or a Boy or print in black and white for children to color. Girl or a Boy and Pilgrim Hats. Add arms and clothes if you wish. These are from




Indian Boy Bag Puppet. This is from





Mayflower Crafts

Sailing Mayflower Craft An easy paper craft.

Mayflower or Pirate Ship Craft

A Map and the Mayflower Make a map of the pilgrims voyage and a miniature Mayflower from



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Miscellaneous Thanksgiving Crafts

Make an "In Everything Give Thanks" Door Knob Hanger or Wall Placque
Print out two sets per page. Cut out and glue to  white or colored cardstock. Punch holes and add yarn or ribbon to top. Laminate to last longer. This is from


Make a Thanksgiving Wall Hanging
Print and cut banner on sides and bottom only. Bend and glue top of sheet over an 8" dowel rod. Tie yarn to dowel rod and hang banner on the wall. (an alternative is to print the banner on card stock and then cut out banner, punch holes in top and attach yarn) This is from


A Printable Thanksgiving Activity Book for Early Readers  Click on Thanksgiving. There is a page for each letter of Thanksgiving. This is from

DLTK Thanksgiving Crafts A variety of Thanksgiving crafts for different ages

Scarecrow Puppet Children can color the scarecrow How to make the puppet. This is from




Paper Scarecrow Directions and patterns for a paper scarecrow. This is from




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