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A craft page for kids with paper and paper plate crafts, including how to make things that fly

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Paper Crafts


Hanging Around Cat Craft This cute craft is from Danielles Place


Make a Fan Help children cool off with this easy to make fan. Download and print two fan shapes from the link above. Cardstock is recommended. Glue a large craft stick between the two shapes and decorate with markers, crayons, pictures or Bible verses. Directions for a Paper Plate Fan are here These are from



Cackling Chicken Make a chicken that makes a cackling sound from



Paper Craft from Canon A variety of pre-colored printables to fold and display. There are dinosaurs, animals from different continents, an airport, and more. Most crafts are for older students or adults


Paper Alligator Craft From


Sheep Craft Color the sheep and then attach cottonballs. This craft is from Activity Village


Paper Bird in a Cage From


Cardboard Caterpillar and Other Animals This craft is made from cardboard toilet paper or paper towel rolls and is from


Make a No-Staple Book  from

Red Barn Paper Model
A very nice, two-part, easy to assemble barn and cow. Scroll down to "Red Barn" and "Cow". You need Adobe Acrobat Reader to run this off full size from the web. This is from (donation requested)

Balancing Bird  This is a fascinating toy to make and to learn about balance as well. Click on "Download Worksheet" from


Butterfly Balancer This is from


Fadeless Fish A colorful fish project. Foam could probably used instead of paper. This is from


Paper Fish Craft from

Snake Dangler
If you are studying snakes, here is an idea of something to hang from the ceiling from


Crafttown   (in color) Build your own town. Everything you need to build a miniature town, including houses, vehicles, and railroad from Canon. Notice other pages at bottom of page. For older students or adults

Make a Town  
(Students can color these) Do your students need to make a community for Social Studies? Here are foldup patterns for houses, stores, etc. You can print these files online or download the software from


File Folder Village This template has a house pattern and a tree pattern. It  could be enlarged by printing one copy and enlarging on a copier. Print on cardstock. This is from


Card and Box Templates There are a variety of card and box templates here. These are from Mirkwood Designs


Make a Caterpillar This is made from an egg carton and is from

Dinosaurs to Download, Cut, and Fold from


Shields, Knights, and Heraldry Free software to download from Owl and Mouse Educational Software


Build Your Own Medieval Castle Free software to download from Owl and Mouse Educational Software, Now also online


Make an Ocean Diorama Make this diorama using origami humpback whales or dolphins. This is from


Paper Lantern Decorate these and hang them around the room. This is from


Animal Masks There is a cat, rabbit, frog, leopard, mouse, owl, panda, and a raccoon


Make Your Own Checkerboard (paper weaving) from


Paper Bag Puppets and other paper puppets are on the Puppet Page


Paper Bag Fish from


Snowman Bookmark from


Preschool Express Paper crafts and more at this site


Paper Crafts for Kids  A variety of paper crafts here from


*Also check category Things That Fly on this page



Paper Plate Crafts



Make a Lion Fan


Make a Sun Fan


Make a Hedgehog from a Paper Plate


Farm Animals from Paper Plates Scroll down to animal pictures.These activities are from Barnyard Banter site (15 animals). These are cute and are a clever use of paper plate crafts


Paper Plate Projects Mostly for preschool - K from


Paper Plate Owl Requires 3 paper plates from


Paper Plate Wind Twirler or Snake I would suggest smooth edge paper plates so they will be easier to color. This is from


Sea Turtle This could be  made from paper plates and foam. Card stock could be used instead of foam. This is from


Make a Tambourine




Things That Fly and Wind Toys

Make Your Own Pinwheel Use this pattern to make a pinwheel (from

20 Kids* 20 Kites* 20 Minutes* These kites really fly and are from


The Bumble Bee Kite  A simple, easy to make kite from


Kites as an Educational Tool from

The Sugar Glider Kite Your class can make these kites and learn about an interesting animal. This is from


Paper Airplanes and Paper Boats from

Build the Best Paper Airplane in the World from



A Glider to Print and Cut Out from Canon Just print, cut, and assemble. Other planes and gliders available here also


 Twirly Bug This is a cute idea from Crayola


Make a Roto-Copter The printable pattern is here


Make a Hover Craft Toy  This hover craft is made from a water bottle, CD, and a balloon. This idea is from


Wild Animal Windsock from   





Paper Bag Puppets




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