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Make a Jar Light
This page has information on how to make an easy mason jar light.

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  This is my version of a mason jar light using garden solar lights. I wanted the children to make these in VBS, but needed to simplify the process and use inexpensive and non-toxic materials. Below are the instructions for how to make them.




1. For this project you will need a mason jar (note- other jars can be used as long as the light part of the solar light will fit in the jar), a solar garden light, modpodge, a brush -We used small foam brushes,  and salt in salt-shakers.

2. Put modpodge in small cups. Remove the lid from the jar. Paint the entire jar with the modpodge.


3. While the jar is still wet, salt the entire jar with salt from a salt shaker. Do this over a paper plate to catch the extra salt. When the jar is dry, put the light section from the solar light inside. This gives the jar a frosted appearance.

We prepared all of the lights by setting them outside in the sunlight the day we did this. These solar lights have to be put in sunlight before each use. They will not charge indoors under regular lights.


4. Put the lid on. We made round verses to attach to the lid. Add any decoration such as a ribbon to the top. A ribbon and a few small pinecones would be good for a Christmas light.

5. Make your own variation of these lights, You can add a little color to the modpodge, use a candle instead of a solar light, or remove the middle part of the mason jar lid and use as a bank instead of a light.

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