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Make a Washcloth and Soap Fish 
This page has information on how to make a washcloth and soap fish. Use with the Bible story of "Feeding the 5000" or "The disciples Fishing."



We used this craft in a VBS while on a short term mission trip.


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Instructions for making the fish

For this project you will need a washcloth, a rubber band, a piece of ribbon or yarn, a small or travel size bar of soap, and some self-stick foam. We used travel size Irish Spring for the Mission Trip. Today I used a small bar of Dove. For the mission trip we put all the parts in a plastic sandwich bag. This saves you from a lot of confusion passing out individual parts when you have a large group of children.
Put the soap inside the washcloth. Gather all of the corners together. Put a rubber band around the gathered washcloth. This makes the fish tail.
From self-stick foam cut fins (or use already cut hearts with the point toward the mouth of the fish). Cut eyes. Punch black eyeballs out of foam with a 1/4 in. paper punch. If you are cutting eyes and mouth ahead, like we did for the mission trip, I would suggest taking the back off the self-stick foam and attaching the foam pieces to a piece of wax paper (notice the first picture). That way they don't get lost or misplaced before you are ready to use them. Glue or stick the eyeballs on the eyes. I have stayed away from plastic goo-goo eyes for safety reasons. Cut out and stick on a mouth.
 Put eyes on fish. Add fins also. Now tie a pretty ribbon or a piece of yarn over the rubber band. You now have a pretty fish to use for decoration, a gift, or you can wash with it.

*Suggestion - use colorful washcloths.




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