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 Make a Foam Pencil Case  
This page has information on how to make a foam pencil case.

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Make a Foam Pencil Case  

We went on a short term mission trip and this was one of the crafts for vacation Bible School. Below you will find the directions for making a foam pencil case.


You will need a pencil case pattern, an 8 1/2 x 11 piece of craft foam, round plastic string, and round velcro sticky back fasteners. You will also need a 1/8 inch paper punch to punch the holes.

Print the pattern on cardstock. Punch holes in the pattern as indicated. Copy the pattern on to a piece of foam.

Mark the hole places by marking the foam through the holes in the pattern. Punch the holes in the foam as indicated on the pattern. Fold the foam in half, matching holes.Tie the plastic string to the top two holes.


Lace the pencil case with the plastic string. Tie securely at the end and trim the string.


Stick a round velcro front and back together on the flap leaving the plastic square on the side that's up.


Now remove the plastic from the top velcro fastener. Close the flap and the velcro will stick to the pencil case.

Now you can open and close the case.
Decorate the outside of the case with foam stickers. Put pencils and  pens in the case and you're all set.



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