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Make a "Cackling Hen" 

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Is your class studying about the farm?
Make a "Cackling Hen" that actually sounds like a hen.

You will need to print a copy of the Cackling Chicken. You will also need a 16 oz. paper or plastic cup, string, glue and clear tape. The chicken can be colored before cutting if you wish.

Cut out the chicken and wings. Glue the chicken on the cup as indicated with the open end of the cup at the chicken's feet. Fold the tab on each wing. Glue and tape them to the sides of the cup.





Make a small hole in the bottom of the cup. Thread a piece of string (12 -14 in. long) through the hole. Make a double knot in the end of the string so it won't pull through the hole. Tape the end of the string to the cup as shown.

Now the fun begins! Have a cup of water nearby as you will need to wet the string/and or your fingers. Hold the chicken in one hand. Put your wetted fingers on the string and with slight jerking motions move your fingers down the string. When done correctly you will have a "Cackling Hen."

Practice doing this until your chicken is cackling away.


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