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Science and Handwriting
This page contains education links to science and handwriting lessons.

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All worksheets and other printables are listed with each subject. Miscellaneous multi-subject worksheets


Science Lessons

Science as Inquiry

Template for setting up an inquiry based lesson.
Fill in part and leave parts blank for students to
fill in

Science Fair Resource Guide Guides students through the process

Exploratorium Science Snacks Science exhibits that teachers can make using inexpensive, easily available materials. Many of the snacks can be turned into science projects

Science Fair Fun -  Designing Environmental Science Fair Projects Ideas, resources, and tips for (espa˝ol click here)


Science Fair Project Ideas


Physical Science

Science Online - Matter

Optics for Kids  An online look at optic basics. It includes some experiments for kids to do, as well as some lesson help for the teacher. This is a good site if you are studying about light 

Energy Crossword Puzzles A variety of energy puzzles for different levels

Energy Seek-A-Word  

Energy Coloring Pages from

Energy Connect the Dots These are for young children

The American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA)  AIAA Educator Associates have selected some of the best STEM K-12 resources available from a variety of organizations


Life Science


Rainforest Theme

Plant Seeds of Learning

Label the Plants Worksheet Click on here in the first line

My First Garden

A Walk in the Woods An online presentation in English or Spanish

Endangered Plants Two plants are listed here with information about them


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Pet Care Info from Petco

Vertebrates and Invertebrates Power Point Presentations

Journey North An internet project that engages students in a global study of wildlife migration   

Wings Over Florida A junior birder program. This program has a teacher's guide, student guide, and certificate to print. The program is for 3rd and 4th graders and is from

National Wildlife Federation Field Guides Search and browse more than 5500 plants and animals

Ocean Mural from Learning Page Print out sections and color (Membership required - free)

Animal and Other Worksheets Register here for free worksheets and activities from

Animal Facts  Printables are listed at the bottom of the page. These are from

Animal Flash Cards Animal flashcards which can be used for a variety of purposes. These are from

Animal Clip Art from Philip Martin. Use on worksheets, or enlarge and use on walls or bulletin boards

Animal Coloring Sheets




 Cackling Chicken Make a chicken that makes a cackling sound



Endangered Species Information Click on each animal for more information

The Adventures of Herman The autobiography of Squirmin' Herman the worm. An online presentation in English or Spanish

Lets Talk About Insects An online presentation for children in English or Spanish

Insects and Spiders Worksheets Some excellent worksheets from for different grade levels

Make Pipe Cleaner Spiders

Bug-Go A bingo type game to help students learn to identify insects. This is from the University of Kentucky

Butterfly Flashcards Learn the names of several butterflies or make a memory game


The Senses

The Senses  Ideas to use about the five senses.  This site has a variety of activities listed for different grade levels

Five Senses Lesson Plans

Ten Activities for Teaching the Senses

Five Senses Lessons

The Five Senses

Kindergarten Unit on the Five Senses

Bulletin Board: Please Touch

Eye Spy the Eye Includes Problems, Eye Safety, Eye Glasses, and many good links for students doing research about the eye

Mezzmer Blog ╗ Parts of the Eye Lesson Plan

Parts of the Eye


Earth and Space Science


The Northwest Creation Network A large number of creation resources here including PowerPoint presentations

Creation Super Library A creation mega-site providing answers, articles, special features, and more

Free Creation Lesson Plans Free lesson plans with handouts for Sunday schools, schools, etc. Subjects include Animals, Dinosaurs, Creation, Cain and Abel, The Flood, and more

Creation - A Multimedia Blast A multimedia dynamation from kids4truth

Institute for Creation Research A Christ focused Creation ministry where science and the Bible are fully integrated

The Creation Research Society A professional organization of trained scientists and interested laypersons who are firmly committed to scientific special creation

An interactive, multimedia dinosaur Web site complete with games and more. Fun and educational for the whole family. See and hear about amazing new discoveries. Get ANSWERS to your questions. (nonprofit)


Natural Disasters Lessons

Preparing for Severe Weather

Get Ready with Freddie Activity Book

Hurricane Basics from NOAA  

Hurricane Names

Hurricanes Information for kids about hurricanes from Weather Wiz Kids

Atlantic Storm Track Map A map to print and track Atlantic storms. This is a PDF file and you will need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader

Colorful Hurricane Tracking Map from Accu Weather This is a GIF or PNG file and will need to be enlarged

Hurricane Photos This is from National Geographic for Kids

Children, Stress, and Natural Disasters This is a guide for teachers and other childcare workers. It includes a guide for teachers and suggested classroom activities

What To Do Before, During, and After a Hurricane from FEMA

Tsunamis:  Facts About Killer Waves

Did Animals Sense Tsunami?

Waves of Destruction: Tsunamis

Tommy Tsunami and Ernie Earthquake Coloring Book

Earthquake Learning Links for Teachers

USGS Earthquake Information A variety of information on earthquakes

For more safety and storm related materials also check the Coloring  pages under Health and Safety


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Weather Lessons

Weather Chart  This chart is for young children. They will circle the picture that corresponds with the weather each day

Weather Lessons from

Weather Lessons frm

Hands on Science and Literacy Lessons about Weather and Climate from

Weather Watchers from Scholastic

Make Your Own Barometer

The Mercurial Barometer: Measuring Pressure


Environmental Education

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Board Game A board game and set of cards to use when studying about recycling. This is from Teachers Resources Galore

Free Water Resources Poster


Outer Space

Solar System Coloring Book

Star Date Classroom Activities Hands-on activities encourage children to explore astronomy concepts in a way that is fun, yet meaningful, and to broaden their awareness of astronomy as they develop and apply new skills in other subject areas

Adventures of the Agronauts A science curriculum with a space biology theme for elementary grade level students. Students can work independently or in groups (Teachers)


Miscellaneous Worksheets and Activities

Inventor Activity Cards(front) (back) These activity cards each list and inventor and an activity. Print fronts and backs on cardstock four to a page

Science Worksheets

Learningpage Worksheets Worksheets for several subject areas listed at the bottom of the page

Newton's Apple A variety of science lessons with vocabulary, activities, and resources  

Make a Tangram Rocket



Handwriting Lessons and Resources

Zaner Bloser Practice Sheets These are from the Learning Page (requires membership -free)

My Printing Alphabet Book Each page has a picture and traceable lowercase letters.This is also from Zaner Bloser. Another format of the book is here

D'Nealian Printing Alphabet Book Scroll down to "Printing Book". Each page has a picture and a traceable letter. Another format of the book is here

Left-Handed Friendly Handwriting Practice Sheets These practice sheets from have the sample letter on the right hand side. They are available in manuscript or cursive

Handwriting Readiness A study of handwriting in kindergarten

Handwriting Worksheets in D'Nealian or Zaner Bloser

Alphabet Book Covers from Jan Brett Use the Alphabet Tracers or the Coloring Alphabet Tracers for the inside. Choose traditional manuscript, cursive manuscript, or modern manuscript

Handwriting for Kids(manuscript)This is from Handwriting for Kids. There are several worksheets to download on this page including School Supplies, Alphabet and Numbers, Bible School, and more. Cursive worksheets are here

The Ten Commandments Manuscript Practice Sheet (part1) This is from Handwriting for Kids

The Ten Commandments Manuscript Practice Sheet (part2)This is from Handwriting for Kids

The Lords's Prayer Manuscript Practice Sheet (KJV) This is from Handwriting for Kids

Bible Pictures and Words (New Testament) This is from Handwriting for Kids

Bible Pictures and Words (Old Testament) This is from Handwriting for Kids

Young Minds Penmanship Practice Manuscript and Cursive practice sheets here

Handwriting Styles Handwriting charts of the different styles are here

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