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Math and Social Studies
This page contains links to math and social studies lessons and activities

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All worksheets and other printables are listed with each subject. Miscellaneous multi-subject worksheets are here


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Number Sense, Concepts, and Operations


Geometry and Spatial Sense

Algebraic Thinking

Data Analysis and Probability

Miscellaneous Math Lessons and Activities


Number Sense, Concepts, and Operations

Matching Words and Numbers Printable puzzles from Jan Brett

Magic Squares Information on how to construct 3x3 and 4x4 magic squares from

Math Flashcards Java and non-java flashcards from

Prime Number Worksheet An interesting way to learn about prime numbers from

The 100 Square Worksheet Several choices from

Printable Dominoes and Domino Worksheets This is from Enchanted Learning

Free Math, Science, Reading, and Grammar Online Tests This is from  A math worksheet generator is available also. Complete access to the site requires free membership

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Time Measurement

Clock Face Print this clock face on cardstock, make the hands (I would make them wider) and attach with a paper fastener. This is from

Time Worksheet Maker This telling time worksheet maker will generate a worksheet using your customizations. You can have the students write the time, or have them draw the clock hands on a blank clock. From

Telling Time Coloring from Lil' Fingers

Time Concentration Game Cards Match the digital time to the clock-face. These are from

Printable Calendars (2015) Printable format at the bottom of page from

Free 2015 Printable Calendars Print monthly or whole year calendars from

Printable Calendars from Primary Games Print a calendar for each month. Children will put the numbers on it and color the picture

Calendars to Print Calendars with themes such as animals, nursery rhymes, solar system, or decorate your own. These are from

This Month's Calendar An online calendar activity for beginning calendar skills. This is from

Class Time Capsule from


Other Types of Measurement

Measuring Plant Growth

Carpet Your Classroom from

Measurement Lessons These lessons include worksheets. From

Measuring on a Thermometer from


Linear Measurement

Measuring Fractions of an Inch Worksheets Students will identify the markings on a ruler and measure objects to 1/4, 1/2, and 1/8 of an inch. This is from

Linear Measurement from

Ideas from other teachers for teaching linear measurement from


Geometry and Spatial Sense

Tangrams Printable tangrams, puzzles, and grids from

Classification of Patterns from

Shape and Space Geometry from

Shapes Books, activities and experiments having to do with shapes from

Online Geometry Flashcards

Making an Inclinometer Here’s how to make a tool that you can use to measure how tall something is—or how high a rocket or kite flies. This is from

Algebraic Thinking

Pattern Play Children create number patterns using manipulatives from

Building a Foundation for Algebra in the Elementary Grades This article offers practical ideas and examples about how teachers can foster algebraic thinking in elementary students through different types of number sentences, proofs, talking about mathematics and much more

Early Algebra Early Arithmetic  Lessons on introducing algebraic thinking in the elementary classroom


Data Analysis and Probability

Create a Graph Students can create a graph online from

Grid and Graph Paper to Print Print small, medium, large, and grid paper with room for student work from

Line Graphs of Weather Forecasts  The student will be able to interpret data; make and read a line graph, understand plotting points on an X-Y axis, and round numbers. From

Free Line Graph Lessons These would be great graphs to put on the overhead.

Introduction to Probability  Information on probability from "Ask Dr. Math"

Printable Number Cube Pattern from


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Miscellaneous Math Lessons, Worksheets, Games and Activities

Free Math Worksheets Thousands of math worksheets here from Julia, a retired math teacher.  Check this out! You'll find math worksheets for every level from preschool - high school

Dad's Worksheets Some great worksheets here including some one and two minute tests

Math Games and Online Practice  Kids will enjoy these math games to play online. From

Free Basic Math Worksheet Maker  Make basic math worksheets and quizzes her. This is from Math Worksheets World

Edu Pic Math Drawings  Some neat math clipart here. There are ladybugs with spots, dominoes, fractional parts, and clocks. These could be downloaded and enlarged for centers, etc.

Math Flashcards

Math Studystacks from

Math Worksheets Over 6000 math worksheets here

Addition Workbook (zip file) 450 pages from

Subtraction Workbook (zip file) 416 pages from

Multiplication Workbook (zip file) 508 pages from

Division Workbook (zip) 706 pages from

Helping With Math Printable math worksheets, tables and charts, flashcards and more. All downloadable resources are here. From

Print and Learn Math Worksheets (K-1) From

Math StudyStacks Review and practice math facts using online flashcards, games, and more from

Free Math Worksheets, Games and Timed Practice from

Odd and Even A printable gameboard for reviewing odd and even from

Printable Play Money and Lessons from 

Mrs. Glossers Math Goodies Puzzles and worksheets for older students (Grade 6-8) from

Math Worksheets from

Superkids Math Worksheet Creator Make math practice worksheets in addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, or fractions. From  


Social Studies


Have Fun with History A resource for teachers, students, and lovers of American History from

America's Christian History Discover  the Christian History of America - how  men of faith framed the Constitution, Bill of Rights, Declaration of Independence and formed our great nation. From

Mr. Donn's U.S. History A well organized site covering many topics from

First Nations Links to native American and Canadian sites from

Timeline Generators from

History Worksheets Scroll down to the list of worksheets, From

Presidents Coloring Book This is a great presidents coloring book from

Presidents Word Search from

History Games and Activities History flashcards from Quia on many areas of history and geography

More President Links Here



Map Clip Art by Phillip Martin Landforms, countries, United States, and Continents

Geography StudyStacks Practice those geography facts with flashcards, games, wordsearch, and more from

Explore the States from

50 States Map Test (pdf) Answer Key (pdf) from

Online Map Puzzles from Owl and Mouse Work the puzzles online from

States and Capitals Drill by looking at states or capitals, From

The State of California Games and Activities from

The State of Florida Games and Activities from

The State of New York Games and Activities from

The State of Texas Games and Activities from

Texas Parks and Wildlife Activity Books A great collection of printable activity books about Texas from

Other U.S.A. States Games and Activities from

Information Links About Each State from

Printable World Map with Continents (pdf map in color - two pages to tape together) from

Geography's Five Themes Activities for teaching the five themes. From 

Map Skills for Elementary Students from    

Geo Bee Challenge Test your knowledge of geography. Five new questions posted every day

Map Quest Call up a map by zip code or country for your personal use

CIA World Factbook Find information about any country

Megamaps U.S. map program which makes maps of varying sizes; from one sheet to 9X9 sheets of paper. This is from Owl and Mouse

U.S. Map Puzzle Program How fast can you put the states in the right places? This is from Owl and Mouse .(requires Windows 3.1, 95 or 98, Vista, or XP)

Online Map Puzzles from Owl and Mouse

Outline Maps Outline maps to print from

Government and the Citizen

Ben's Guide to U.S. Government for Kids

Constitution Lesson Plans

Electing a President

Freedom Hall

Canadian Government Lessons

Community Helpers Crossword Puzzle (pdf)

The Pledge of Allegiance Poster



Financial Literacy: Teaching Economics in the Elementary Classroom This is from North Carolina Public Schools

Economics Lesson Ideas from

Instructional Material from the Federal Reserve Bank of New York


Miscellaneous Social Studies

Print Craftown Print, cut, fold, and glue several houses, shops, cars, trucks, roads, trees and bushes. Click on buildings or house to print and fold

Free VA Teacher's Guide and Resources Click on Teachers Guide at bottom of page




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