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 August and September

Back to School All back to school links are here

Labor Day

Labor Day Crafts These are from

Why Do We Celebrate Labor Day? from

Labor Day Kids Crossword from

Labor Day Kids Word Search from

Labor Day Printables There are nine pages of activities from


Grandparent's Day

Happy Grandparent's Day Classroom Banner   from Audrey Smith -  (3 pages)

Grandparents are Grand Banner from Audrey Smith - (3 1/2 pages)

Happy Grandparent's Day Poster to Color This poster has a place for the child to draw a portrait of himself and they will color the words also. This is from Audrey Smith -

Grandparent's Day Activities A variety of crafts and activities here from DLTK

Printable Grandparent's Day Book from Enchanted Learning

Grandparent's Day Crossword Puzzle from

Grandparent's Day Theme This is from

Grandparent's Day Printables from

Grandparent's Day Crafts and Cards from Enchanted Learning

Ten Ways to Celebrate Grandparent's Day from

Patriot Day

History of Patriot Day

Patriot Day Coloring Picture

Ideas for Patriot Day Classroom Activities This is on

Emergency Workers Craft This is from


Hispanic Heritage Month
September 15 - October 15

Hispanic Heritage Month Banner



Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month Poster (8.5x11 in.)

Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month Poster (4 sheets - 17x22 in.)




Hispanic Heritage Lessons and Activities from

Hispanic Heritage Teacher's Guide from Scholastic Scholastic's Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Online Activity provides your students with an opportunity to discover the contributions and rich cultures of Hispanics in the United States

Famous Hispanics An alphabetical list of some famous hispanics

Activities and Printables for Hispanic Heritage Four great coloring pages from

Geography of Mexico and Central America from

Geography of South America from

Print Large or Small Maps of Central or South America These maps from Owl and Mouse can be printed in small or large sizes

How to Make a Piñata This page from gives several ways to make a piñata. If doing paper mache, I would suggest using half white glue and half water for dipping the paper strips, as it dries to a nice hard finish much faster than water and flour glue. Just be sure to cover the working surface with an old  plastic tablecloth or wax paper

A Bulletin Board Idea from This BB talks about words borrowed from spanish

An Art Teacher's Bulletin Board Each grade level is looking at different art, artists, and crafts from countries in Central and South America. Scroll down to "Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month" for more art ideas for different grade levels

Words We Use That We Borrowed From Spanish Banner Use this banner with the following words and pictures.  Words1  Words2  Words3
Pictures1  Pictures2  Pictures3

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Bulletin Boards , Doors, and Room Decoration

Scarecrow Bulletin Board Idea This idea is on and is made by Wren

Room ___ is Something to Crow About Another scarecrow bulletin board. It is the 9th board down on the page

Pumpkin Glyph

Scarecrow Door Display


A Fall Poster that can be used on a bulletin board. You could add a Bible and  fall pictures

One Page

Four Pages



Several Pages of Fall Bulletin Board Ideas



Fall Sticker Chart  Use leaves, pumpkins, or scarecrow stickers on these incentive charts (two to a page) from Audrey Smith -




Awesome Autumn Banner  (3pages) Use this colorful banner as a bulletin board header or on a door with fall pictures, leaves, or fall crafts. From Audrey Smith -

Fall Fun Banner (3 pages) Use as a bulletin board header or on door with leaves or pictures.  From Audrey Smith -

Autumn Banner A colorful Banner from Sparklebox


Fall Crafts and Coloring

Leaf Stick Puppets These cute leaf stick puppets are from

Paper Plate Scarecrow Craft from

Scarecrow Coloring Page from


Scarecrow Bag Puppet Children can color the scarecrow From Audrey Smith - How to make the puppet



Squirrel and Acorns Coloring Page from




Make an Owl Puppet  Amy Glassenberg says     " These were easy to put together - construction paper triangles and circles for the face, button eyes, furry felt bellies and pipe  cleaner feet, and fall leaves for wings." This puppet is from Amy Glassenberg's blog



Another Owl Puppet from Origami n' Stuff

A Leaf Stick Puppet This cute idea uses leaves the kids have collected or silk leaves, craft sticks, and stick-on eyes. This idea is from

Fall Hat This is an easy craft idea (If you can get the paper bags)If I did this with kids, I would not paint the bag but would leave it the natural color. If you don't have fall leaves, print out leaf patterns and have the children paint or color them. This is from  Leaf Pattern

Autumn Woven Placemat from

Beautiful Fall Leaves Craft I love these fall leaves from They would brighten up any room. These are on a kindergarten site, but these could be done by any age group. Also notice the Hanging Leaves craft at the bottom of the page

Fall Leaves Color by Number

Why Leaves Change Color Reading and Coloring Sheet

Fall Leaves Dot to Dot from

Leaf Wreath Craft This is a colorful wreath made from foam. You could use card stock die-cut leaves or cut the leaf shapes yourself from colored card stock. This is from


Other Fall Activities

Journey North Tick Tock: Biological Clock

My Pumpkin Patch Writing Worksheet from (lower elementary)

The Four Seasons A graphic showing a tree in all four seasons



Apples in a Box Picture Craft From

Apple Calendar Numbers These are very nice and are from

Johnny Appleseed Paper Bag Puppet Use this boy puppet and print, cut out, and add this pan hat from

Color a Basket of Apples from

Making Applesauce: A Kindergarten Food Experience We made applesauce in a crockpot in my second grade classroom. We used McIntosh apples. There is nothing that smells as good as applesauce cooking.

Apple Book Cover from Alphabet Soup and Apple Shape Writing Paper

Good Apple Award from Alphabet Soup

Homemade Applesauce Cook in class in a crockpot on low for several hours. It smells wonderful!

Apple Activities and Links If you are doing an apple theme, this page has all of the links you'll need. From

Harvest Party Ideas


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