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Classroom Management 

*Student awards and certificates are on the awards page


Do Your Students Really Know What You Want? An article by Richard Seeley at BJU Press


Tools for Teaching Excellent advice for a variety of topics by Dr. Fred Jones on


Effective Room Arrangement from Dr. Fred Jone's -Tools for Teaching on


Effective Classroom Management: Creating a Climate for Learning Includes 12 teacher-tested tips for behavior management from


The Behavior Management Page Ideas that have worked well for other teachers from


Weaning the Helpless Handraisers Part 1    Part 2    Part3

from Dr. Fred Jone's - Tools for Teaching on


Student Numbers Ideas for using student numbers to improve classroom management from


You Can Handle Them All Discipline help from The Master Teacher. This site lists a wide variety of behaviors with causes and solutions


The Compassionate Teacher by Connie Collins on


Working with Emotionally and Behaviorally Challenged Students from


Classroom Management from Teachnet




Classroom Rules


Succeeding with Classroom Structure: Rules, Routines, and Standards from Dr. Fred Jone's - Tools for Teaching on This is a great reminder even for seasoned teachers


Classroom Rules with Pictures


Walking in Line Strategies from other teachers


Class Rules and Consequences Some suggestions and ideas here


Classroom Rules  Four samples here at


K-3 Class Rules A PowerPoint presentation. Requires PowerPoint 2000 or later


Also check the Back to School page, Teacher Timesavers page, and Awards page


Praise, Rewards, and Incentives



Can Adults Praise Children Too Much? A curriculum article discussing praise, and its effect on children from

Classroom Rewards Reap Dividends for Teachers and Students An article discussing rewards including "Ten Tips for Giving Rewards" from


Printable Awards Certificates and more


All Purpose Sticker Charts These incentive charts can be used for a variety of purposes. Print these on cardstock and use stars or other small chart stickers (pdf) Two charts to a page More charts here



Jan Brett Incentive Charts These beautiful charts are printable and are a colorful addition to any classroom

Rewards List
A list of suggestions for intangible rewards

Happy Freeday Ideas submitted by teachers on planning and setting up a reward system for a "freeday"



Check the "Back to School" page and the Student Awards page for more classroom management and incentive  ideas





Parent Communication


Parent Communication Ideas from


Parent Communication Log from


Conference Record This is from Microsoft and requires Word 2007 or later


Parent Communication? Try a Classroom Web Page from


Good News Report A template from Microsoft and requires Word 2003 or later


Classroom Newsletter Template This newsletter template is from Microsoft and requires Word 97 or later



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Printed Resources for Teachers


Christian Home and School  Magazine This magazine is put out by Christian Schools International


General Teaching Articles  from Bob Jones University Press A large collection of Christ-centered articles on teaching


Teaching Specific Subjects from Bob Jones University Press


Starting a Christian School If you're thinking of starting a Christian school, check out the links on this page from BJUP



Parent Printed Resources These are printed materials for parents with ideas on how they can help their child in various subjects. These are handy to give out at parent conferences or "Open House". These are from



Substitute Teaching


Before I taught full time, and during retirement I did some substitute teaching. I always took a file box I called my substitute kit with me. Check out the ideas and information at the following sites. Being prepared can make all the difference.


Substitute Survival: Mini Lessons for Unexpected Moments  Ten great activities for substitutes and classroom teachers

Substitute Teaching - Tricks of the Trade

A Packet for Substitute Teachers from

Ten Games for Classroom Fun from

Riddles  Forty-seven riddles on this page. This is from

Puzzles and Games  When I subbed, I always carried several sets of printed puzzles with me. I also had several educational game ideas written on cards to use as fillers or at the end of the day.


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